Sandpoint Men’s Group

SMG LOGOHello and welcome to You are invited to explore this site and learn about the Sandpoint Men’s Group and our network of groups. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


We are a group of men who meet every Wednesday night in Sandpoint, ID. Our goal is straight forward; to help each man achieve his goal of a being a powerful human beings. From 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM, we support each other in our own personal growth. Our group’s approach is direct, loving and fun. The intimacy and spontaneity allow for deep healing and creation that shows up in each man’s life, every single day. Reading our guiding principles will give you a sense of who we are and how we engage each other.

 Our Mission

Why would a group of successful men devote four hours or more a week to being together? Simply each group member wants more from their lives. Here are some of the reasons men have expressed for becoming a member:

  • My relationships with others were not what I wanted. I realized I was the consistent variable, so I know I needed to change
  • I longed for the camaraderie I had as an adolescent
  • I wanted a real connection to other men, a true sense of brotherhood to enjoy and support my growth
  • I saw in the men who were in the group something I wanted
  • I felt I needed  support  that would help me be the human being I wanted to be

 A Good Way to Learn More

During the summer of 2012 a filmmaker named Maja Bugge came out from N.Y.C. to make a documentary on our group. We provided her essentially unrestricted access to the group, all the men in the group and their families. It was a risk to allow her – or any outsider – access as one reason our group is so powerful is confidentiality. However, we negotiated with Maja the right to edit anything we felt would be harmful to a man, his family, or the group. Surprisingly not much was edited as the men and their families thought it was important to communicate the power of a men’s group to change lives, families, and communities.  Click here for more info, the trailer, how to watch the whole movie online, or buy a DVD.

 An Invitation

Man kayaking

Over the years we have welcomed new group members. We believe each new member provides new, fresh perspectives and life experiences to the group and that these perspectives provide life lessons for every group member. In this setting, each man, new member or old veteran – has an opportunity to develop his abilities to honestly interact with another man. Also, as the group grows, more men take the positive group experience out into the community – thus, building a more positive world.  Our ability to requests from new men varies according to how many have recently joined.  Contact us for our current status.  There is also another men’s group in Sandpoint that we loosely collaborate with as well as other growth opportunities some of us occasionally provide or support.

We particularly appreciate men who are willing to bring both head and heart – who are willing to connect with their emotions and bring their full-bodied presence.  The group can help you with this tremendously but you need to choose to show up fully.  We appreciate directness, honesty, and recognize vulnerability as a strength and a fast track to growth

If there is space and you do decide to join our group we do ask you to commit to attend all meetings if you are in town, be fully present and willing to participate, and to follow the group protocols.

We know that if you fully commit for six months, you and your life will be different.

We ask for a small contribution every month to cover the cost of the teas, snacks and other operational expenses. The group is free other than this request for money to cover our small expenses.

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